Welcome to Sonoran Desert Discovery!

Student-developed workshops for the public about local desert ecology and natural history. Outreach and Service Learning 


Spring 2013 Schedule:

UA students will meet on Wed 3-3:50pm and again on Fri 9-10:50am. We will offer workshops for K-12 students at their schools and/or at Flandrau during this Friday time slot during the latter half of the semester.

Dates for outreach at Biosphere 2, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, and Tucson Festival of Books will be forthcoming.


Spring 2011 Schedule:

March 12th-13th, Sat & Sun, Tucson Festival of Books, UA Campus

March 26th, Saturday, open to all visitors to Biosphere 2

April 9th, Saturday, open to all visitors to Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

April 30th, Saturday, open to all visitors to Earth Day Festival at Tucson Children's Museum


Teachers can sign up for class visits to Flandrau on some Mondays and Fridays on the UA campus:

April 1st, 4th, 15th, 18th, and 29th

May 2nd, 6th, and 9th


Twelve students have developed six exciting workshops.

Spring 2011 workshop poster images file.


FALL 2010 schedule:

Eighteen UA students have developed seven amazing workshops to offer. Come learn with us!:

- MONDAYS at Flandrau Science Center: 01-22 November, and 06 December
We have three different times available for visitors. Each of the three one-hour time slots (9:30am, 10:30am, 12:30pm) will have at least three different student-led workshops (click for the detailed Flandrau Monday schedule).
- SATURDAY 20 November at Biosphere 2 - all seven workshops present.
- SATURDAY 04 December at Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum - all seven workshops present.

The Seven Workshop Topics (see 'outreach' page for more details):  
1. The Incredible Edible Desert - what can you eat and how does it grow here.  
2. Pollination - what is it? who does it? why do we need it?  
3. Invasive Species - how do new species threaten native ecosystems?  
4. Coloration and Crypsis - why do plants and animals vary so much in color and visibility?  
5. Big Cats - more Sonoran Desert diversity than you might think! 
6. Dam the Desert - importance of stream ecosystems and impacts of dams. 
7. Toxic Species - which ones? why be toxic? how can you tell?